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Leslie Wren
Leslie WrenOwner/ Practitioner & RN
Missouri born and raised, Leslie Wren started her family and nursing career in the Show Me State before relocating to the Sunshine State. It was in Florida, while serving her community in Emergency Rooms, that Leslie started to realize the need for, and importance of, advanced skin care.

After ten years in Florida, Leslie and her family moved to California with a long sighted plan to start her own esthetics company while still serving the local community in Emergency Rooms.

Leslie’s first step into the world of esthetic medicine was eyelash extensions. Leslie quickly became known for her skill and quality work, as a result her business grew quickly by word of mouth.

Working in a local ER during this time, Leslie met and worked with Elizabeth Faulk, MD, and Meloni Lutzi, RN. The three shared many conversations about the Leslie’s business and their shared view of a need of treatment outside of emergency medicine.

The common theme of “We help people on their worst day, let’s help them to their best days,” Leslie, Meloni, and Elizabeth joined together and put their unique skills to work opening Ageless Image Medical Spa where they could fulfill the skin treatment void.

Leslie’s entrepreneurial drive and vision is vital to Ageless Images success as the company grows from a small start up, navigating the seas of a new business, to a beacon for individuals seeking advanced skincare and medical aesthetics.

Gerry Lazzareschi
Gerry LazzareschiMedical Director
Dr. Lazzareschi was born in San Francisco and went to UC BERKELEY followed by UCSF school of medicine. He went into EMERGENCY MEDICINE because he liked taking care of patients in their time of need; he has recently discovered the rewards of working with patients who actually look forward to coming to clinic. Dr. Lazzareschi is a US/Italian dual citizen and has practiced EMERGENCY MEDICINE in Sonoma county for nearly four decades.

Medical Staff

Sandi C.
Sandi C.RN
Selam G.
Selam G.NP

Office Staff

Masara Miramontez
Masara MiramontezPractice Manager
Jules P.
Jules P.Front Office Manager

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