Spa Experience & Amenities

From the moment you cross the threshold of our door, you feel more relaxed.

You are greeted by Gaia, the face of the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth. She is attended to by the sounds of trickling water from our stone fountain and by soothing meditative music.

Once you check in, we invite you to relax in our tea room, where we have chilled drinks, tea, and coffee for you to sip. Chocolates, that necessary medicine, abounds. There is a tiny zen garden you can rake and contemplate the items therein. The entire wall is filled with brochures and educational materials you are welcome to take and read to learn more about our offerings. Or just ask, we are happy to tell you what we know. Put your feet up in the recliner and enjoy.

Even the powder room has a pleasant surprise. When you gaze up at the ceiling, you’ll understand.

Each of our rooms reflects the nature of the practitioner who works there. All are designed for comfort and safe, clean, efficiency.

We believe in protecting your investment— and we stock three lines of medical grade skin care to help you do so.


Tiered Pricing on Dermal Fillers!

Buy one syringe at full price, save $100 off the price of each subsequent syringe used in that visit.