To all our Ageless friends and family

We hope this post finds you all healthy and well. We know it’s a very frustrating and difficult time and our thoughts are with all of you. We miss seeing your smiling faces and hope to again see you when the dust has cleared. We are open for limited hours for those of you who might need products or you can call and we will ship purchases to you. We will be available for video consults as well. We are trying to find ways to keep in touch and let you all know we are here for you if there is any way we can help. Please feel free to call at 707-327-7898 or an e-mail at and let us know how you are or if there is anything we can help you with. We think of you all as friends not just clients, and very much look forward to seeing you. We also want to hear all of your adventures we have missed.

We are setting up now to do video consults so when things return to our new normal we will be ready to do any and all of the things you have been waiting for. You can go to Vagaro online and book your consult with Dr. Elizabeth Faulk any time she has posted as available. We will be booking appointments starting May 4th so as soon as you have your consult please book any procedure you desire with Leslie or Meloni as the schedules are also available on Vagaro. If you prefer to have us book for you, call or e-mail and we will be happy to book for you. Our office hours are limited but we will get back to you ASAP. We look forward to seeing our returning friends as well as meeting some new ones.

Please stay healthy and safe. Stay home as much as possible and remember to wash your hands often, especially if you have been out and about. Try to remember not to touch your face and keep a big social bubble! For those of you who work in essential businesses be careful and thank you for doing all that you do. If you are on the front lines we know how hard it is to be in this time of great unknown, will the wave hit??? How bad will it get???, we are all there with you. We are so great full to have such amazing people as co-workers, friends and family! Thank you for all you do!

Stay safe and keep positive this too shall pass!