Concern for the Coronavirus

As we all know, there is much concern over COVID19 (the novel Coronavirus) containment. As aesthetic medicine providers and as emergency medicine providers, we are thoroughly aware of not only the stress associated with this containment but also with the need to take great care. Along these lines, all of us here at Ageless Image are committed to providing a comforting, peaceful, and clean environment to provide you with treatments that will help lift your day. Whether we relieve a few wrinkles brought on by stress, or rejuvenate the skin, we would be happy to see you during this time. As emergency medicine providers we also ask that if you have any respiratory symptoms of any kind, please allow us to reschedule your appointment when the symptoms have resolved. Similarly, if any of your providers here have any symptoms we will not expose you to that risk and we will have to reschedule your appointment for that reason as well, or place you with one of our other providers. We are here for you during this difficult time, as we all work together to keep each other safe, happy, and healthy. We hope to see you soon.