Meditation Classes

Join Dr Faulk for two formats of meditation: a one-hour complete session, “Chakra and Awe” or a 30-minute, “Om Express”.

Start your day peacefully and learn why research is revealing that even short periods of focus can diminish stress hormone production and regulate vital signs. If you practice for longer periods of time, it may actually help maintain brain size and cognitive capability.

All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged. Please bring your favorite cushion or mat or use one of ours. You must register prior to attending so we can plan for your comfort.

Chakra and Awe 

One hour of relaxation techniques and preparation followed by meditation featuring a number of techniques designed to assist in focus, regulation of breathing, and peaceful gentle rejuvenation.

Om Express

30 minutes, direct to breath and meditation. Deep peace to prepare you for a busy day and set your intentions.



Dr Faulk was trained in Raja Yoga beginning at age 13, with a focus on Hatha Yoga and Superconscious Meditation. She taught beginning meditation and Hatha in Louisiana, and then she and her family lived at an ashram during her college years. Dr. Faulk was asked to teach Beginning Meditation to first year medical students while in medical school to prepare them for the rigors of focussed study and long clinical hours. She has also given a data-driven presentation supporting the benefits of meditation to her own emergency physician group and taught meditation at their biannual gatherings.