Does thinning hair affect how you feel when you look in the mirror???

Meet Jason, my 34 year old son. He is a canine officer for a local sheriffs department. His hair started to thin in his early 20’s. When we opened almost 2 years ago he signed up to be one of our first hair restoration clients. We use PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma- to restore your hair follicle health. We draw your blood here in the office and separate the plasma from the red and white blood cells. In the plasma we get the platelets as well as growth factors, stem cells and healing parts of our immune system. We then inject this liquid gold into the part of your scalp where the hair follicle lives, infusing it with all the concentrated healing properties found in the platelet rich layer of plasma. Jason had 3 treatments, one every 4 weeks for three months. He saw thicker hair with his first treatment. He now has a thicker healthier head of hair than he has had since he graduated from high school. It has been a year since his first treatment and he continues to be extremely happy with his results.

If hair loss bothers you and affects how you feel when you see your reflection. I encourage you to book an appointment to see Dr Faulk for your complimentary consultation and see if hair restoration with PRP is the right option for you. I also encourage you to research this amazing treatment process and call our office with any questions you might have. We love the science behind and the results we see using PRP. It is an amazing and natural approach to healing something that affects how you see yourself.

Stay tuned and see more incredible applications PRP has to heal the things that affect how we see ourselves.