Meloni Lutzi, RN

For over twenty years, Meloni Lutzi’s passion has been serving her community. Starting off as a volunteer firefighter, becoming an EMT, and finally a Registered Nurse working in local Emergency Rooms, where you can still find her being the difference for people in their moment of need. A loving wife and a dedicated mother, guiding her children to strong adults. Through this journey, Meloni begun to see that people needed something more. People needed a place that could help them look and feel their best.

Wanting to create a future for herself in aesthetic medicine, Meloni took her first step into the world of aesthetics and buisness ownership, opening her own buisness offering eyelash extensions and enhancements. Meloni and Leslie, who had her own eyelash buisness, had frequent talks about the pros and limitations of their businesses. These conversations highlighted the need to push forward and offer more. Meloni remarked how great it would be if Elizabeth joined them and they created a team that can offer advanced skin treatment and enhancements.

Along with Leslie Wren (RN) and Elizabeth Faulk (MD), under the guiding principle; “We help people on their worst day, let’s help them to their best day,” The trio created Ageless Image Medical Spa. A place for rejuvenation and enhancement.

Meloni’s genuine and open nature really helps her connect with her patients to find out exactly what they want and how to help guide their care plan from “what I want” to “I love it!”