Elizabeth Faulk, MD

click here Dr. Faulk received her MD at LSUMC New Orleans, her hometown. She attended general surgical residency at Chicago Medical School/Mount Sinai Hospital, followed by a research and clinical fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery at Harvard Deaconess Hospital.

http://ezeta.com/index.php?option=com_k2 Dr. Faulk began practicing and is now Board Certified in emergency medicine. After over 20 years in health care, she started to explore the world of aesthetic and wellness medicine. The art and science behind the enhancement of self melded well with her pursuit of yoga.

http://stevestine.com/?author=3 With training in Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga, Dr. Faulk walks the path of super-conscious meditation. She believes she still has a long way to go but enjoys sharing her journey with those who desire to participate.

Dr. Faulk encourages you to join her in the meditation room for some deep self-care.