About Us

With over twenty years’ experience each in the medical field, Leslie Wren, RN, Meloni Lutzi, RN, and Elizabeth Faulk, MD, all met and worked together at a small local emergency room working the night shift. With people’s happiness and wellbeing in mind, a personal belief that the three shared, conversations of patient care and what type of patient assistance people needed were common among the three. Out of these late-night conversations, an idea started to emerge: “We are here for people on their worst day, lets help them to their best day.

Following her entrepreneurial spirit, Leslie started her own business offering eyelash extensions and enhancements. Leslie started to see how a small change like eyelashes made a big difference to people’s appearance and as a result to their happiness and self-confidence. Hearing Leslies observations, Meloni opened her own eyelash business. Leslie and Meloni quickly became known for their quality work, and their businesses rapidly grew via word of mouth.

Leslie and Meloni knew there were more to do. More ways they could help people feel confident and revitalized. The conversations with their clients focused Leslie and Meloni on the need for advanced skin care and rejuvenation. Leslie and Meloni needed a final piece of the puzzle to complete the team. The duo approached Elizabeth about the three joining together to open a business focusing on advanced skin care and enhancements. Elizabeth accepted.

Ageless Image Medical Spa was born June 1, 2018. Offering a range of skin care procedures and products, ranging from facials and chemical peels, to more advanced procedural techniques including Dermal Fillers, Botox, and Micro-Needling with PRP. Meloni and Leslie continue to offer eyelash services, and Elizabeth offers guidance for mental wellness, providing hour-long classes in relaxation and meditation techniques called Chakra and Awe. An offering for those wanting a work break, or in a time crunch, the stress-relieving and rejuvenating 30 minute Om Express meditation provides a perfect breather for the busy day.

Ageless Image invites you to come down for a free consultation and skin assessment. Enjoy the calm and peaceful ambiance while you learn about skin care products that support the care procedures offered. Located at 95 Montgomery Dr Suite 110, access to Ageless Image is easy and direct. Journey with Ageless Image to the best you.